Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Best Foods for an Effective Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing does not have to be painful and uncomfortable. You need not even stock up on expensive products that always hint a slight risk of side effects. To keep your system at its functional best and shed pounds quickly, here are some foods that you must include in your diet for a natural and safe colon cleanse.

Best Foods for Colon Cleanse

• Eat Your Greens: When your mom told you this as a kid, you must have knotted up your face and shoved the greens down your throat! Well, as they say, moms are never wrong.

Eating greens that are rich in chlorophyll are great for digestion and promote colon cleansing on a daily basis. The theory behind this benefit of greens is that chlorophyll which is fat soluble sticks to the intestinal wall and reduces the growth of putrefying bacteria. Thus, it heals the lining of the gastrointestinal wall to aid bowel movement and cleansing of your colon.

• Water with a Dash of Sea Salt: If you want your colon to remain healthy, make sure you keep it hydrated. Experts recommend consumption of at least half your body weight’s equivalent of water. The water that you consume should be clean and free from fluorides. Adding sea salt will help increase the detoxification properties of water and will help you flush out any impurity or fecal matter that may be stored in the colon.

• Flax and Chia Seeds: Both these products are very high in their fiber content. This promotes easy digestion and colon cleansing. Because these products are also rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, they are capable of stabilizing the cell walls and consequently reduce any inflammation that is apparent on the intestinal lining. The fiber in these products is soluble because of which the process of digestion is optimized.

• Acocados: Avocados are also high in fiber. However, what makes them unique is the ratio soluble and insoluble fibers. The ratio is about 1:3. The insoluble fiber in avocados are also unique in their function. They actually help in healthy bowel movement and can cleanse the colon on a regular basis.

The soluble fats absorb water and blend with food that is digested. This allows the digested food to smooth its way out of the colon and maintain bowel regularity. This ensures that there is no toxic build up in the body which may have serious health implications when neglected.

• Apples: In case of colon treatments, an apple a day definitely keeps the doctor away. Apple when consumed as a whole fruit, a sauce, juice or even as apple cider is very effective in cleansing the system. This is because apple contains a high fiber level which promotes healthy digestion. In addition to that carbohydrate compounds such as pectin are found in apple. These compounds act as thickening agents that help eliminate built up toxins and also strengthen the intestinal lining.

We all know the benefits of following a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. Instead of opting for painful methods for a colon cleanse, make simple changes to your lifestyle to see the difference.

Source:- Dominic Bowkett

Friday, 21 April 2017

Digdev Direct consists of mobile and web-to-mobile content solutions

DigDev has created a one stop shopping suite of digital marketing services that has enabled the Florida based firm to become one of the leading companies in the digital development field. DigDev began as permission based email marketing company and has expanded its services in recent years to address the growing list of digital opportunities for its marketing clients. Among the suite of services, Digdev direct offers permission based mobile, business to business data, appending services, and mobile banner services.

The evolution into mobile has been a direct result of the tremendous growth in smart phone and tablet use over the last several years. The iPhone and Android platforms are ubiquitous with support from both Apple and Google. Digdev direct recognizes the marketing opportunities available to clients through the utilization of these platforms.

In particular, DigDev utilizes the advantages of mobile opportunities to help build brand recognition and brand relationships with customers. Used in conjunction with other, perhaps more traditional forms of marketing, DigDev is able to broaden your reach and engagement with a potential customer right through their smart phone or tablet.

Digdevdirect direct uses targeted PUSH campaigns to boost traffic, both web traffic and brick and mortar traffic, with a call to action and / or value proposition. These customized campaigns not only brand your company, but engage the individual. Where “eyeballs” was once the stated goal of web advertisers, “engagement” is the new buzz word in marketing circles. No longer is just seeing an ad considered an efficient metric for advertisers. How is the customer engaged?

With mobile, the idea of engagement becomes more easily understood. Dig Dev can reach millions of potential customers through its permission mobile subscribers lists and target them effectively by nearly 200 various segmentations including age, gender, ethnicity, wireless carrier, and operating system.

With more than 80 percent of Americans carrying mobile phones, this type of reach and frequency surpasses any type of traditional marketing opportunities. And the question of engagement is answered as well.

A cell phone buzz elicits an immediate reaction from the user. If the value proposition or call to action of the 135 character message resonates, most often a response comes immediately, and most often that response is given in the form of a sale. For event coordinators and their ticket vendors, this type of personal outreach can boost sales and attendance. For major retail outlets, a PUSH campaign can announce a sale and drive traffic to brick and mortar locations. The applications of this technology are endless and digdevdirect can help with the both the crafting of your message and this dynamic delivery platform, helping to quantify ROI for your marketing expenditures. Mobile marketing is just one way dig dev direct continues to evolve in the digital marketing space. Dominic Bowkett - Dom Bowkett